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The History of Pac-Man

Features an interview with Pac-Man champion Billy Mitchell, images of strange pac paraphernalia including a Pac-Man hot-rod and interesting historical insights.


$100,000 Prize Offered by Billy Mitchell Information on the prize offered for proof that the split-screen (level 256) is solvable.


How to Win at Pac-Man

Pac-Man strategies. Quite a few factual errors on this page, but it has some useful stuff.

 The World's Best Pac-Man Patterns

Three famous patterns: The "GET pattern", "Bazo's Breaker" and the "Donut Dazzler".


Pac-Man Maze Solutions

Pattern descriptions for all levels. Read 'grape' as 'grenade', 'stewed fruit' as 'bell' and 'ice compot' as 'spaceship'.


The Legacy of Pac-Man

A inventory of Pac-Man sequels and spin-offs.


'Pacman Nebula' Lives the High Life

An image from NASA of high-mass stars known informally as "Pacman Nebula" because of its appearance.


How Pac-Man and Mrs. Pac-Man are doing it?

Some theories about how Jr. Pac-Man was conceived.